Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ready For Competition

New friends. But tonight they will be competing for a new computer in the costume contest!

Our Guest Speaker

R.A. Salvatore talks about being broke and loving fantasy and being a bouncer and how Stevie Nicks is in all his books. Uh. You had to be there. It was awesome. Sorry the picture strinks, gang, there's only so much this cell phone can do. We'll have better shots on the main site next week!

We Love Plaid

Where the action is.

Run! Flee!

Trying to escape Nimblejack. Haha, kidding. We heart Nimble.

Rapt Attention

Listening to the speeches

Stand If You Have Been...

Playing for five years :)

Some Of These Dudes Have Cool Wives

How YOU doing!

Just Hanging Out

Bryan and Bob in the green room.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Settling In

Everyone was so social that this was the only shot I got!

Fun With Pointy Party Hats

Do not ask and do not tell.

Deep In Thought

Steve (Marketing Master) and Walt (you know) plotting chaos and destruction. Or the keynote. Hard to say.

Oooh. Aaah...

The artist presents his shirt.

Salute This Man

The bathtub veteran. This man needs friends with beds.

The Helium Is Getting To Us

Fun with decorating - BG, aka Jen, and Missy and I have been assigned to blow up balloons.

The Crafty Heretic

"Squeeze it and it glows." You'll have to ask him to explain that.

Early Birds

The Ice Dragons came for breakfast. If you come for breakfast, you have to blow up balloons with me.

This Girl Is Way Hardcore

Friday. One AM. Lobby of the Rio. Gaheris player. Hard core.

It Is Very Late

Jet lag has long since taken over our brains and made everything seem funny.

This Is No Taxi

Camelot devs DJ and James on the Vegas version of a mini bus. This thing has champagne glasses, wavy benches, a freakin' mirror on the CEILING, and possibly an extendable pole. We are scared. We are very scared.

Things Seem Funny

So punchy - Ayaka, Missy, CJ, and Ahmad.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

These Seats Aren't As Comfy As They Look

Man of Stone and Redheaded Stepchild in the house, while WAR dev Matt Daniels tries to stay awake. (Matt is coming to Vegas to answer casual questions about a future EA Mythic game - the Warhammer: Age of Reckoning traveling booth is going to be tucked into the corner of the LAN room.)

Poor Minion

Richard is none too glad the flight attendant let us turn our phones back on.

Walt Reads Salvatore, As I Question Why I Let The Content Manager Have My Phone

A thunder storm is delaying our flight. (Edit after the fact: Our 5:15 flight finally left at 7:30. We made our 9:15 connecting flight, mainly because they held that poor plane for us until 9:50. If you were in the Atlanta airport as sixteen game developers stampeded through like traumatized cattle, I would like to apologize at this time.)

Ooh, Least Attractive Photo Of Me Ever

"Don't worry, there are slower levels." That is a quote from Ayaka, as I fail to handle simple math on her NDS.

Extreme Close Up!

Oh, but he is evil. Well, moderately so.

Waiting For The Taxi Train

Off to Vegas! Missy, Martin, Ahmad, James, Woody, Matt D., Chris, DJ, Spyke. Or, Herald Minion, Items Guy (Camelot), WAR Monsters, Camelot Monster Man, Questman (Camelot), WAR Content Cakes, Camelot Content Manager, RedHeaded Stepchild, and Spyke.