Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Some Fool Bet Him That I Wouldn't Take This Photo

Tbrew of Lancelot just won fifty plat.

No, That's Her Character's Name

Lusty Wench makes the Road trip shirt into a costume

Retired? Bah!

Camelot IS my job now!

They're Looking At Us

Q and A time

The Happiest Dragonslayer In the World

Future buffbot


The room stares at Walt.

They Just Came For the Little Pizzas


Face Time With a Producer

Walt pontificates at length in response to a player's question.

Pendragon Players

Native Pendies in the wild!

Who Gets To Play More Often? The One Who Doesn't Have Homework To Do.

Mother and son from Lancelot. They only have one computer. Mom wins.

New Friends

Percival and Gareth make friends

Three Goatees

PQ Jason, Code Warrior Scott, and Moderately Evil Overlord Walt in front of the place.