Friday, May 20, 2005

You Don't Have To Go Home, But You Can't Stay Here

A good time was had by all.

Some People Want the Swag, Some People Want the Sign

Very rare, indeed

Darn Glad To See You

Matt Firor, VP of pretty much everything, and Destin

The Content Lead and the Marketing Angel

Destin and Ayaka

We Love Our Bowling Shirts

Colin Shannon demonstrates proper bowling technique

Another Programmer

Miss Georgia Wall

The Guy In Charge

Mark Jacobs, CEO

Our "Immortal" Friend

The famous movie mogul Mystr Byrnz

Another Ukrainian ;)

Alex Ptitsa, Editor of Ukraine's PC For Home

Congratulations On Your Engagement!

Marc, a repeat visitor :)

Team Lead Madness

Our volunteer Team Leads

Thursday, May 19, 2005

They Came From Afar

Olafur and Dagny, Camelot Vault: Iceland Contingent!

Don't Let the Cute Smile Fool You - She Can Kill With a Single Stab

Cait and Cybit, Vault associates

E3 Makes You Crazy

Daniel of Digital Entertainment News

Associate Producer Is Too Fancy a Title

Craig aka Imperator Demo Man

Hooray For the Rogues!

Zato and Fricka from The Safehouse

Third Try, Got the Smile

Gabriel from

Turbine's Community King

Jon Hanna

I Love These Freaks

Catacombs attacks! AlexMars, Asquiel, Marou, and Moonspell.


The lovely Programmer Kristen

Public Relations

Eddiemae (our favorite PR lady) and me

Our Lepidus

Dana of

Cry Havoc, and Let Loose the Dogs of War

The men from Warcry, Joe and Dan

They RECORDED My Voice, And I Let Them Leave??

Sexy Josh and company from, gaming radio! (Check 'em out, they say they'll be broadcasting our interview this afternoon.)

I <3 Europe

Our partners at GOA

Hail To The Republic

Imperator booth babes

Isn't She Lovely?

People were complaining about the lack of booth babe photos on this blog...

I'll Probably Regret This Someday

Hi, Brad McQuaid...

Is It a Good Thing When They All Have Diamonds On Them?

Walt playing poker

Five Bucks On the Skeleton!

Alan Crosby of Sony, demonstrating what we community managers do with people who are mean to us.

Making the Mythic Booth Prettier

Christine and Melinda

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Big Announcement

Warhammer! (We announced tonight that Mythic's third project would be Warhammer.)

An Old Friend and a New Friend

Laura and Heather of


Roger from GameChronicles

Shadow's Edge

Bret and Blayden, Shadow's Edge

Do You GU?

Woody and Kyndra from GU Comics and, respectively.


Mike squared (Mike Shears and Mike Cornelius) of infamy. Thanks for the apple :P

World Famous

Illia and Allakhazam (What? You haven't seen their site?

Mat With One T

Mat of the OGaming Network


Damian and Christine from

I Wasn't Kidding When I Said RDA Was Going To Be Here

Richard Dean Anderson. Oh, yeah.


Igor Boyko, editor of Russia's Game World Navigator

Hey, I Couldn't Resist This Handsome Man

FTW! (Me and a member of Vinda Af Braeting)

Big Time Writer Man

Mark Crump of

10:00 AM and Sober - A New Record

Chris "Div" Musial of Gamerifts

A Programmer

Code Ed!


Spyke, Operations Wookie

Christine and Eddiemae

Our PR team, Kohnke Communications making the booth prettier.

Content Producer:

The moderately evil overlord, Walt Yarbrough, on the shuttle to the show.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Night Before E3, And All Through the House...

Not a creature was stirring, except for the optical wireless mouse. That's not exactly true - hotel bars all over LA are hopping already.

Just got back from the convention center, where the Mythic booth (Concourse Hall, booth 5001C - if you're at the show, go down the little flight of steps and go in the doors on the far left, you can't miss us) is getting its final touches. The previous four pictures are from our set-up party. Check back throughout the show for updates!

Camelot Knows No Borders

Camelot worldwide! (Yes, I know, it's a little blurry - I'm still getting the hang of this camera phone.)