Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Picture Share!

First look at the gigantic archery revamp. Too bad my camera phone can't focus, I know.

A Picture Share!

Care bear

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Picture Share!

DJ and James presenting

A Picture Share!

The line forms!

A Picture Share!

Question time

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Comicon Madness!

You are here. Or at least nearby.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Picture Share!

After one point I got too busy to upload any more pictures. To apologize I present to you our Tilted Kilt waitress, Autumn.

A Picture Share!

This one is for the IRC

A Picture Share!


A Picture Share!

The evening gets going.

A Picture Share!

My first panel of the afternoon. Tough crowd!

A Picture Share!

The honeymooners

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ready For Competition

New friends. But tonight they will be competing for a new computer in the costume contest!

Our Guest Speaker

R.A. Salvatore talks about being broke and loving fantasy and being a bouncer and how Stevie Nicks is in all his books. Uh. You had to be there. It was awesome. Sorry the picture strinks, gang, there's only so much this cell phone can do. We'll have better shots on the main site next week!

We Love Plaid

Where the action is.

Run! Flee!

Trying to escape Nimblejack. Haha, kidding. We heart Nimble.

Rapt Attention

Listening to the speeches

Stand If You Have Been...

Playing for five years :)

Some Of These Dudes Have Cool Wives

How YOU doing!

Just Hanging Out

Bryan and Bob in the green room.